Friday, December 16, 2011

Kids - Factory - Kids

On Wednesday morning I went with my host mom back to the Children's Hall to help put on a little Christmas show with music and a flannel board. Impressively, the characters and pictures for the board were all hand made by my mom and a friend and they looked professionally made, some with a front and back and others that had movable parts for dancing. Mostly I just took things on and off the board and made Santa dance.

After that, we were going to go to this Christmas event in Odori Park but on the way decided to stop at Sapporo Factory since I hadn't been there yet. As far as I could tell, it didn't seem to be a factory at all (though maybe there was one somewhere), but a huge multi-building shopping mall. I was really amazed by the niceness of it too. While there, we ate at a pasta restaurant and I checked out what a Japanese Toys R Us looked like (it was almost exactly the same).

After that we walked to Odori Park for that Christmas thing. From what I could tell, it was like a sort of German culture festival with shops set up that were selling various handmade Christmas items and food. In fact after googleing it just now, I found that it is in fact called Munich Christmas Market. So there you go.

In the evening, I joined in for the last cram school class I'll be here for. We played this old Japanese game where one person (my host mom) read chant sort of things from cards and then the rest of us had to try to be the first to grab one of 100 tiles that had the words from the last part of that section of the chant. It was especially challenging because the words on the tiles were written in very stylized old-fashioned writing, but even still I managed to get 3 or 4.

Afterwards, they surprised me with a really nice, hand-drawn, giant card with pictures and notes from everyone in the class. It was a really pleasant surprise. ^_^

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