Friday, November 18, 2011

First Snow

Yesterday we got our first significant snow accumulation! *waves arms in the air* Actually, to be honest, I wasn't all that excited. It just meant being colder, wetter, and having more people on the bus.

The roads near my house were surprisingly uncleared too.

Although those roads weren't very clear, I did see on TV a couple times that there is a train with a plow on it that really eats up and spits out the snow. I'm not sure if it's something new or if it's just famous and they show videos of it every year or what.

The walking/biking path to school was worse.

Then after class, a snowball fight had erupted in the middle of campus and some of the students were waiting to ambush us as we left the building. It was quite a cruel and intense fight and the snow perfect for packing. I pretty much just watched and stayed out of the way.

Afterwards I went with some people to Bikkuri Donkey (Surprised Donkey), a restaurant chain that is known for its hamburg (not to be confused with hamburger). I was surprised by the reasonable price and welcomed the wondrous cheesy and meaty flavor. The warm and relatively familiar food was definitely appreciated after walking there through the snow.

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