Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yesterday's sheep + Hokkaido University and Genghis Khan (Jingisukan)

Yesterday I went places with my host mom! First, a small but delicious tempura restaurant.

And then a place with a bunch of sheep and a museum about the Sapporo Snow Festival.

And then a sweets shop (there are a lot of them in Japan) that had really red vines and really yellow flowers on the building.

And finally to a place that had a bunch of really red trees and other plants.

Then today I went with Mackenzie and her host family to Hokkaido University, one of the top universities in Japan where Mackenzie's host father works. Right now there's a road that has a whole bunch of ginko trees that are all yellow and so a lot of people go there to see them and take pictures.

We also went to a museum on campus and a bread shop and just walked around. The campus was quite big and very pretty.

Then we went back to Mackenzie's house to eat and study kanji for a long time... and in the evening we went to Sapporo Beer Garden for Genghis Khan ("Jingisukan" in Japanese), meat and vegetables that we grilled ourselves on Genghis Khan's helmet-shaped pans. We got paper bibs and there were also plastic bags to put our jackets in so that they didn't get infused with the smell of cooking meat, though I personally don't see why that would be a bad thing. It was very delicious.

Check out the full album for lots more pictures!
And the Japan 2011 Album for yesterday's sheep and stuff.

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