Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner

Yesterday we had a fairly big Thanksgiving dinner planned for which almost everyone was going to make something and then serve to our host families. Since my cooking skills are limited to sandwiches and pop-tarts and since I'm always busy and/or tired I managed to avoid making anything and just helped out with other people's stuff occasionally.

Things seemed to be going passably well for some of the afternoon, but you could tell the state of things was declining by counting the number of "does this smell burnt to you?"'s per minute. And indeed, almost everything got burnt at least once. But in spite of that we had a pretty wide selection of not bad tasting things: deviled eggs, chicken and beans, beef stew, stuffing, broccoli and cheese casserole, banana banana bread (double banana intentional), and some other desserts. Everyone who made something introduced their dish in Japanese, most interestingly being the deviled eggs introduced literally as "the devil's eggs". In addition to the devil's eggs, there was hot chocolate from the heavens and that casserole that seemed to have gotten singed in a war between the two.

Afterwards we cleaned up for quite a long time and had quite a lot of leftovers. Seriously, those clean up and set up times totally weren't worth it in my opinion. Even if I was capable of making delicious food I think I'd rather just get something cheap and easy. Guess I'm not really a food person; I still just eat because I have to.

In other news, I finally got to hang out more with the neighbor kid from my host mom's cram school on Wednesday. As expected, we played a buttload of video games including Smash Bros. Melee, New Super Mario Bros. Wii (totally forgot that had a super fun coin battle mode), Pokemon, and Call of Duty: Black Ops. All the gaming tired me out pretty quickly though (and I was feeling a little unwell) so I ended up going home early instead of going with them to a sushi place for supper. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures there though. Sorry.

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