Thursday, September 22, 2011

Class takes it up a notch

Today I just had my usual three hours of Japanese, but today it was a different teacher for conversational Japanese. Basically, we did a lot of conversation and were assigned listening homework for next Thursday and a bunch of writing homework for Monday in addition to a vocab quiz. I managed to finish the listening homework in the computer lab after lunch, though I had to ask someone what my login information was since I left it at home, and I got the wrong CD twice before asking the same person which CD I actually needed.

From there I killed time in the HI-C club room playing Super Smash Bros. and Bomberman 5 for SNES (which came with a bomberman themed controller splitter for up to four or maybe five players). From there, I decided to go home somewhat early so that I could stop at a Book-Off store, a chain of stores which I recognized from my trip to Tokyo which has used books, CDs, movies, and games for good prices. I managed to do this and get on another bus home, though apparently I wasn't standing at a bus stop or the bus driver didn't notice me because I had to run after the bus and catch it at a light before I could get on.

A bunch of other people are going to a party with HI-C tonight but I decided not to since it's expensive and I don't really like events with big groups. This evening I've just been working on my page-long journal in Japanese and that's about it. Even though it probably doesn't sound like a lot, the homework and being stuck in a room and forced to make conversation for three hours really stressed me out. I'm really hoping my economics class on Monday doesn't have much homework. Everyday activities tired me out at home, but here even talking to people is a chore and there isn't really a place I can go to really relax; I still don't feel completely comfortable at my host family's house.

Anyway, tomorrow Nick and Mackenzie will be coming over to make pottery with me and my host mother, so that could be interesting.

Also note: the person I've been referring to as Allen in previous posts is actually Alan, which I figured out after he added me on Facebook.

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