Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Japanese Movie "Always" and Grocery Store Music

Today was class. Japanese and then Japanese society through contemporary Japanese movies. Japanese class was pretty normal, we have a quiz or two every day now and at least one piece of homework due every day too. So far I'm staying ahead with the homework, though I got my first draft of my composition about a famous American, for which I chose Abraham Lincoln, and it has a heck of a lot of corrections on it. I'm trying not to worry about stuff too much though since I just need to pass and the credits will transfer without the grades affecting my GPA. In the movie class, we finished watching Always. It was a really good movie about a bunch of Japanese people dealing with the time of change in 1958 and modernization, if you get the chance to see it, I recommend it. The next movie we're watching is called Udon and Maggie and I have to watch half or all of it ahead of time to present an introduction to the class and discussion questions for afterward.

And for some more random things I forgot to mention before... There aren't really any napkins at restaurants or anywhere. People just use tissues, like the type you'd just use in America for blowing your nose, except blowing your nose in public is considered somewhat rude. Also people drink a lot of tea, water, and sometimes coffee or alcoholic beverages depending on the time of day. There is soda and juice available but it makes up only around 15% of the beverage options. And finally, in grocery stores I've noticed that they often play instrumental grocery store-sounding versions of popular Japanese songs. I've only recently started paying attention but I've heard grocery store versions of Ready Steady Go and Koi no Dance Site so far, both of which do not normally sound like the sort of song you'd play in a grocery store. I couldn't find the grocery store version of either on Youtube. :/

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