Sunday, September 18, 2011

Host family

Yesterday I met my host family for the first time! (Also in the morning I had curry bread from a bakery and it actually had curry inside it!) My host family is a mom, a dad, and a son, though they have two other sons who are away from home. They're very nice and we've been able to communicate pretty well. The dad teaches politics in high school and the mom tutors at a cram school. They also have three cats and live near Nick's host family's house and a completely green church.

I probably shouldn't post too many personal details on a public blog about my host family's life, but I can share some interesting tidbits about Japanese life in general. Though if you already know a little about Japan, it might be nothing new.

First thing is, you take your shoes off at the door and there is a section of the floor that is different or lowered to accommodate this. Also, there are slippers to wear around the house, but socks or barefoot is ok too. Houses often have slippers to use in the bathroom too. Also, bathrooms are probably the most different thing between Japanese and American houses. The toilet and shower are in separate rooms, with the laundry room usually connected to the shower room, and the shower is outside the bath tub. Traditionally, you clean yourself completely outside the bath and then soak in the bath tub afterward. Since you're already clean, the family often takes turns and keeps the same bath water for each person. Optionally, you can bath the even more traditional way, by sitting on a stool and pouring buckets of water over yourself. After using the toilet, you are supposed to close the door behind you to keep the dirtiness in the bathroom. To see if someone is inside, just knock.

Also, sliding doors; there are a lot of them. There is also a small shinto (or maybe Buddhist) shrine in a section of the house that has tatami floor and a picture of, I believe, a deceased relative.

Anyway, that's about all I can think of at the moment. I'll update when I think I can without being too antisocial and rude. xP

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  1. Interesting!

    I'm not sure what I had in mind before, but, I'm getting a different picture of life in Japan than what I did have.