Thursday, October 27, 2011

Museum Field Trip and Maggie's Party

I haven't been updating quite as much recently mostly because I have a ton of homework every day, the result of which is that I don't have the time or energy to do anything worth posting about. The other students go out and do things pretty often, but I usually turn them down on their offers to join them because I either have homework or am tired from doing homework (or just crushingly depressed for no real reason). But this week I was able to do a few things.

On Tuesday, I checked off quite a few things from my shopping list by going to Book-Off, which also had Hard-Off (used hardware), Off-House, and Hobby-Off. Mostly I got a few gaming related things for my collection: a Nintendo Famicom (only 350 yen!), a few famicom games, a few WonderSwan games, and two CDs. Now there's not really anything else I have to look for besides gifts and possibly more CDs.

On Wednesday, I had a field trip with my economics class to a museum. It was surprisingly small and was just a few floors of a small building and was someone's private collection. Though, while it was small, it was nicely laid out and was professional looking and had everything from fossils to old money to Ainu things. Almost none of it had any relation to economics, but we looked at everything and were done fairly quickly.

From there, Anna, Nick, and I hung around Odori for a few long hours until we met up with some others to go to Maggie's host family's house for a party. Her house was quite far away and from the college was about 25 minutes by subway and then a transfer to another subway for another 15 minute ride and then 10-15 minutes by bus to the stop near her house. The house was really nice though; you could tell because there was a ship's wheel in the floor, a model car collection displayed on shelves on the wall and a big screen TV. Maggie's host mom was also super friendly, perhaps due to having already consumed some alcohol before we came. We gathered up our food and waited for the father to return, who we surprised by making a human tunnel from the front door and yelling "okaeri" (welcome home) when he came in. Mostly we just ate, drank, and were merry, while we talked and enjoyed the 80s American music videos that they put on TV. They also had a super cute dog that was just a bit too big to carry, but which the mom carried around over her shoulder anyway. I didn't really do all that much at the party and was only there for a couple hours, but it was still quite fun.

And then Thursday was miserable as always.
~The End~ (for today)

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