Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gyoza party

Whew... today's Japanese class wore me out. We did a lot of new grammar, which was fine, but the kanji review in class made it impossible to hide how bad I am at kanji and it's always embarrassing and stressful to show off your stupidity in front of the class, even if my class only has two other people. And there's a lot of homework due too, so I don't have much time to actually study the kanji more either.

After that was over I ran over to yet another Book-Off with a few people and got a couple games that aren't available in America: Pokemon Green (for GameBoy, only 105 yen), a Wonderswan (a handheld system that most people haven't heard of, only 400ish yen), and "Tingle's Rose Colored Rupee Land" for DS (a Zelda spin-off that looks ridiculous and which I probably won't be able to understand, 910 yen).

After the movie class, there was a gyoza making party, which I arrived at late because of my class. It was a fairly normal thing; we just made gyoza, ate it, and talked. I met more people whose names I've forgotten and talked more with my gamer nerd friend Iwao about games and game music. And I watched people play Twister. Overall, it wasn't that eventful of a day, but there was enough to post about.

As always, I periodically add pictures to my albums (usually the main Japan 2011 one) that I don't post here, so if you're interested, keep checking the albums every now and then for new photos.

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