Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good day - Odori revisited

For the first time, Thursday's class and newly assigned homework didn't completely stress me out. The conversational grammar was mostly stuff I already knew and I wasn't as tired as usual so it went pretty well. Also this weekend is the college festival which continues through Monday and Tuesday so I won't have class again until next Thursday. I also have very little homework to do over the long weekend and just need to study for a test or two. After class, I went immediately to the computer lab since I knew there wouldn't be a class there at that time and I did my listening homework. The teachers have now told all the classes directly that copying the CDs isn't allowed and is against Japanese law, not that anyone really doubted that. I hadn't managed to copy the CDs yet anyway though, so I didn't really have anything to worry about. Also for the probably the first time, there were no technical difficulties when doing my listening homework and I finished quickly.

In the afternoon and evening I decided that I wanted to go back to Odori and take my time finding the various books and games I was interested in. Unfortunately I wasn't completely confident in getting there myself so I spent quite a while waiting for the rest of a group of people who were going. When we finally got going and arrived, we spent a while looking in Don Quijote, a five or six story store with a wide variety of random stuff for cheap prices, all piled into narrow aisles. They had everything from food to clothes to electronics and if you decide you want to go down the same aisle that someone else is in, good luck maneuvering around them.

From there we went to help Chris, one of the British guys get a phone with prepaid minutes, since he isn't here through BCA and doesn't get one automatically. That took quite a while too but we eventually got him a shiny new phone. Then we wandered around for a bit looking for somewhere to eat before I decided to break off from the group and check out another Book Off and a game store I saw and get food on my own. At the Book Off I found an old Gamecube game for 250 yen which I'll be interested to try playing in my hacked Wii at home and in the mean time I may bring it to the HI-C club room. I also found the Kino's Journey light novels I had been looking for and got a few of those even though reading them might be beyond my capabilities. And I found a manga I had been looking for after I asked an employee about it. On the way back, I got a burger and stopped at a store called "Gamers" which turned out to not actually have very many games, so I left pretty quickly and went back to the station where I ran into the rest of my group by sheer coincidence and took the subway back to Oyachi station (near the school) and from there got a bus home. Overall, it was a pretty good day, especially for a Thursday.

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