Friday, October 21, 2011

Udon and Pocket Monsters

This week I've been pretty busy with homework and haven't done a whole lot of interest. But on Wednesday I went with my host mom to an udon restaurant which was pretty cool. You chose what you wanted from a menu then picked out other things you wanted as you went down the counter before paying at the end. The udon came in a big wooden bowl from which you transferred a bit at a time into a smaller bowl with tasty broth in it. In my case, I also had tempura and dipped that in the broth as well.

I didn't do a whole lot after that or on Thursday because I had ludicrous amounts of homework to do. We're doing about six chapters of kanji and ten or so new grammar patterns a week now. And of course, there are quizzes almost every day and always homework. But since today was Friday, I went with Dai and the British guys to the Pokemon Center which was about 35 minutes away by subway. It was fairly interesting and had a Japanese Poke-rap playing that named all or most of the Pokemon. Most of the stuff was pretty expensive though so I just looked and got a cheap folder, which are different from American ones because they are connected on the left and bottom sides so you can slide papers in from the right or top. Outside, as with everywhere, they had overpriced capsule dispensers. They're like the things we have in America with stickers or little toys in them, except they're everywhere in Japan and cost 200 yen for something that's small and could be one of several different things. The big shopping centers like the one that the Pokemon Center was in have a lot of stores but they all usually have somewhat overpriced stuff. New DVDs are especially expensive, often priced at 3,300 yen. Luckily for me, I don't have much interest in DVDs since they are region locked and would not play on American DVD players. Console games are the same way, though it's possible to play them with hacked consoles.

Anyway, besides that, not much of interest happened today. I just went home and worked on some homework for Monday. Tomorrow I'll be going with my host mom, Nick, and Mackenzie to make mochi!


  1. Yeah, I'm surprised you didn't know that. I _think_ that you can still watch them on your computer with VLC, but you might want to google it before you buy DVDs from another region. There are region free DVD players too, but you usually have to get them online I think.