Monday, October 31, 2011

Another Halloween Party

Tonight I went to another Halloween party, this time put on by HI-C at the college. Overall, it was a bit less organized than the EASCOM party but once it got started, things went pretty smoothly. There was pizza, which I was quite happy about, with one half seafood and one half with a bunch of things including corn and tomato. Then there were a few games: One where your team had a minute or two to rip a paper into as long of a single piece as possible, one where your team had to fold as many unique origami forms as possible, and a simple game of bingo. Our team always got pretty close to winning and at one point I ended up representing the team for a tie breaker rock-paper-scissors game again, which I won again, winning our team small, cheap, candles. A lot of people also dressed up simple costumes or just passed around masks or hats for pictures. And that was about it.

By the way, what do you think this origami looks like? I couldn't think of anything at the time so I just settled for a UFO.

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